AR/VR design professional with 8 years of industry experience collaborating with a variety of professionals and project applications, resulting in a versatile approach to design and teaching. Strong understanding of art and design fundamentals from traditional to emerging media of virtual and augmented reality. 5 years of collegiate teaching experience.

Recent Projects

  • Comp Sci educational app demoed in both AR and VR form at the Educational Summit of OC6 - 9/24/19 - dev blog

    • 5/28/19 - Completed first prototype iteration

    • 6/08/19 - Completed user testing on 50 middle school students

    • 6/14/19 - Assesses confirm VR experience is as effective as an instructor led lesson following

    • 6/28/19 - Finish refining core interactions, UX/UI, and learning goals before moving on to graphics, narrative and audio

    • 9/24/19 - Complete second prototype iteration aiming for Oculus Connect 6 floor demonstration

  • UX redesign of a collaboration activity to improve its VR performance based on last year’s study, details shown here

  • AR/VR production tool prototype designed speed up theater production workflows using Metropolitan Opera as a case study client

  • AR opera glass prototype to offer augmented theater performances using Metropolitan Opera as a case study client

Mobile Product Design - Avatar Messaging Service

Visual | UX/UI | Branding

My most recent work has been as product designer with a tech start-up developing a mobile app called webFlutter, which is avatar based messaging service. My role encompassed design efforts within product, UX, and UI. As a UX/UI I designed what the user experience should entail based on my research the technical requirements, established by the CTO and CIO. I also had to create what the look and feel of this messaging app would be and then apply this to the branding design materials. Frequent communication with the project manager and developers of a remote development team was also one of my core responsibilities as a Product Designer. I have been in charge of designing user flows, user personas, user case storyboards, user interface and interaction design, while collaborating with the rest of the team in order to create a unique social media experience.

Virtual Reality Product Design - Vision Therapy Game

Visual | UX/UI | Branding

Haunted Seas is a virtual reality vision therapy game, designed to enhance patient compliance in young patients when undergoing therapy for a condition called Convergence Insufficiency Syndrome. My job was to create a world that patients could get lost in so that they could forget that they are receiving therapy and instead, are brave pirates, sailing around an enchanted world. The game mechanics were designed to use eye tracing in virtual reality to force the patient to do repeated eye rotations and was effective in improving children’s vision therapy experiences. It has recently won European Auggie Award for “Most Innovative Breakthrough” in 2018 AWE EU.

Below is demo video of the virtual reality vision therapy game, Haunted Seas. Eye tracking feature is disabled in the video.

Game mechanics are sped up to get through entire therapy in a few minutes for demonstration. Audio is placeholder and was replaced in final version.

Most Recent Personal Work

Some work from personal projects, sketches, and current works in progress

Illustrated Storybook - Gulnare of Persia

This is a project that started out after I came across one of the Arabian Nights Tales, The King of Persia and the Princess of the Sea. After reading the story, I decided to re-write it so that it may appeal to a more current audience. The princess, Gulnare was almost an afterthought in the story, she’s introduced as gift to the king and you don’t hear about who she is or where she came from until the last few pages. I decided to make Gulnare the main character and give her a voice, which she both literally and figuratively did not have in the original version. Later, I began to collaborate with a few students and peers on an interactive storybook using augmented reality. It was an ambitious project, but the end result was a working prototype of our concept.

MFA Thesis Process Book

Stories and Life is a compilation of my progress while working on my projects. This includes work from Gulnare of Persia and Haunted Seas. Character concept sketches, character studies, and visual development work that went into both of these productions are showcased here, along with my research and process.

2D Animation of my artwork

This music video was a collaboration between myself, my husband, and my cousin. I created this watercolor of one of my biggest inspirations, Anne Bonny after entering a competition for Neil Gaiman’s A Calendar of Tales. In one of his stories, Anne Bonny is talking to her daughter about her wild history on the sea with her father. I thought of Anne Bonny after a long life of pirating and settling down, keeping her history (for the most part), a secret up until this one moment in time. My husband, Eric animated the painting in After Effects and my cousin gave us permission to use one of her very own songs, which she beautifully sings in this video.